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  • Adolescent Brief Screening, Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (A-SBIRT) Training

  • APW staff provided Adolescent Brief Screening, Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (A-SBIRT) training for the Valley Parish Nurses in April 2016. A-SBIRT is a comprehensive health promotion approach for delivering early intervention and treatment services to adolescents with, or at risk of developing, alcohol use or substance use disorders. The Parish Nurses will use the SBIRT screening tool while providing routine health screenings to the community on Griffin Hospital’s Mobile Health Resource Van.

    APW along with Derby and Ansonia Youth Service’s staff began a pilot program in August to provide an interview-based screening for all 9th grade students in Derby and Ansonia High School about the use of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs. This screening utilizes the research based substance use screening tool for adolescents known as SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment). Students who are not using substances will have their healthy choices reinforced by the screener. The screener will provide brief feedback to any student who reports using substances or is at risk for future substance use. If needed, the student will be referred their guidance department for further evaluation. Results team.
    There is no need for problem recognition or for the student to “admit” to a problem for them to benefit from SBIRT. SBIRT takes a non-judgmental and collaborative approach to which students tend to respond very positively.
    SBIRT is non-invasive, and students’ answers are strictly confidential; they are not shared with teachers or made available for disciplinary action. SBIRT is not about getting kids in trouble, it is about giving them good advice or getting them help if they need it.
    Substance use is:
    • Common
    • Risky
    • Often undetected
    And most importantly, students do not recognize the impact of substance use on their health, and brain development.